First Post

I’ve made this web page primarily as a place to be doing more informal writing about my research.  I’m aiming the writing to be interesting to specialists, but accessible to interested others. I’ll generally aim in the middle, but i expect i will miss the mark and slide more in one direction or the other at times. I would be excited to get your feedback, questions, critiques, and also to spark conversations.

Subjects might range amongst

  • cultural evolution theory and models
  • the evolutionary dynamics of religion and ritual practice
  • genetic and social learning dynamics of prosociality, group identification, and norms
  • theater anthropology participant observation research
  • upcoming art-science projects
  • culture – ecology interactions
  • etc…

I also have another professional hat that i wear of experimental theater director. For more information on that side of my work, my company Body Research Physical Theater, as well as my parallel blog on art and politics, go to

I hope you find some of the writing interesting. and feel free to share your comments


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